The Educational Consultant Lab

"ECL 4M Framework"

The image illustrates the ECL™ 4M Framework for building your education consulting business. The framework consists of four key components:

  1. Mindset: Develop a growth mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and build the confidence needed to succeed in entrepreneurship.
  2. Models: Identify your niche, explore proven consulting models, and create high-value deliverables that attract and retain clients.
  3. Marketing: Master the art of marketing your services, acquire clients effectively, and navigate the RFP process with ease.
  4. Money: Learn to price your services competitively, prepare compelling district presentations, and maximize your profits through efficient operations and funding opportunities.

Each component is essential for developing a successful education consulting business. The framework emphasizes the importance of having the right mindset, offering a well-defined menu of services, effective marketing strategies, and a solid pricing structure.


"The Educational Consultant Lab- 4.0" is a practical, results-focused course designed for new K-12 education consultants and those who have secured 1-2 contracts but are struggling to secure new ones.

With 12 self-paced modules, you'll learn everything you need to start and grow your consulting business efficiently.

Each module covers essential topics such as securing your first client, exploring service models, strategic planning, financial management, and effective marketing.

In addition to the self-paced modules, you'll participate in FOUR (4) live group Q&A sessions, where you can get personalized advice and connect with peers. You'll have one-year access to all course materials and Q&A sessions, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit content as needed.

Get the knowledge, tools, and support you need to succeed in your consulting business with "The Educational Consultant Lab." Finish the course, apply what you learn, and achieve the results you’re aiming for.

ECL Includes the Following Modules


Business Basics Blueprint
(Value $750)

This module guides you through the essential steps of setting up your K-12 education consulting business, including applying for your EIN, DUNS, Virtual Address, and domain registration, ensuring a strong foundation for success. It answers the question, "Where do I start?"

ECL Includes the Following Modules


Mindset for Success
(Value $675)

This module helps educators overcome limiting beliefs about entrepreneurship, guiding you to confidently charge for your services and embrace the sales process, setting you up for sustainable success.

Time Management for Entrepreneurs (Value $350)

This module quips you with effective time management strategies, tips for balancing work and personal life, and proven productivity techniques to help you maximize your efficiency and achieve your business goals.

Getting Past the "Sales" Part of Ed Consulting (Value $425)

This module helps you overcome the discomfort of selling by drawing parallels to the value you already provide daily as an educator, transforming your approach to business development.


Finding Your Niche
(Value $750)

The "Finding Your Niche" module helps you identify and focus on the specific problems you can solve within the education sector, ensuring your consulting services are targeted and effective. By understanding your unique strengths and the needs of your target audience, you'll be able to position yourself as an expert in your chosen niche.

10 Proven Consulting Models
(Value $875)

This module expands your horizons beyond professional development, presenting a variety of effective consulting models to help you diversify and grow your education consulting business.

How to Create 5 & 6-Figure Deliverables (Value $695)

This module teaches you to craft clear, compelling offers that resonate with your ideal clients, showcasing your solutions to their problems and leveraging your past successes to build a 5 and 6-figure business.


How to Market Your Consulting Business (Value $895)

This module teaches you how to effectively find and attract clients by guiding you through the marketing funnel and emphasizing the importance of maintaining an active funnel to generate daily leads.

Client Acquisition Blueprint (Value $500)

This module will help you with innovative and traditional strategies to effectively find and partner with clients, ensuring a steady stream of opportunities for your education consulting business.

Navigating the RFP Process
(Value $725)

This module guides you through the complexities of the RFP process to secure potential contracts with tips to ensure your proposals stand out.


How to Competitively Price Your Services (Value $850)

This module offers guidance on pricing your services by considering key factors, ensuring you present competitive and compelling pricing without relying on a one-size-fits-all formula.

How to Prepare for a District Presentation (Value $895)

This module provides you with essential guidelines for creating an impactful slide deck and the key questions to ask, ensuring you effectively pitch your services to school districts.

Grants and Funding Opportunities (Value $800)

This module teaches you how to identify and apply for grants, understand various funding opportunities, and leverage them to grow and sustain your education consulting business.


4 Live Group Coaching Sessions

(Value $4000)

This bonus includes deep insights and lightbulb moments about your own education consulting business during our LIVE group calls 4X throughout the program.


(Value $997)

Get 24/7 access to a community FULL of current students and alumni who are growing their own education consulting business. Ask our most successful members ANYTHING about growing (and profiting) from their own business.


Consultant 1-Pager Template (Value $150)

This bonus includes a consultant 1-pager template (Value $150), enabling you to present a concise and professional overview of your services and expertise to potential clients.

RFP Checklist
(Value $100)

This bonus includes an RFP checklist ensuring you cover all essential steps and details when responding to Requests for Proposals, increasing your chances of winning contracts.

Proposal Slide-Deck Template (Value $200)

This bonus includes a proposal slide-deck template, giving you a polished and professional framework to create compelling presentations that effectively pitch your services to potential clients.

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1️⃣1️⃣ years ago I resigned from my job as an Elementary Principal to pursue a business venture. 

19 months later, that business venture failed and I heard a lot of “I told you so”, and “I knew she shouldn't have quit her job." 🙄

Here’s the deal, I learned a lot about life, myself, and my career path in that short 19 months. That journey is a lot like the path to my entrepreneurial journey. 

I heard a lot of “she must be crazy”. Even my former boss said, “Well if it doesn’t work out you can always come back here”. 😂Who would have known, 9 years later I’d be living my truth and my life as I designed it! Thank God I didn’t listen to “They”.🙌🏾

🚨Stop letting fear of what others think hold you back! Stop letting the fear of failing keep you from getting started! Failure is a necessary part of your journey.

💡Remember: A broke mind needs proof. An open mind just needs an opportunity.🔥🔥

~Dr. Deana 💕💚